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Main Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Livonia, MI

Your main sewer line plays a special role in your home’s plumbing system because it collects all of the water and waste that runs into the city’s underground sewage system. When you flush your toilet, take a shower, or wash dishes, the water gets funneled to the main sewer line.

Since the main sewer line does so much work, it has plenty of chances to get clogged or damaged. Food, hair, grease, and toilet paper can clog the line. A tree root growing in your yard could puncture the sewer line. Unfortunately, you never know when a problem will appear.

Repairing Main Sewer Lines

Repairing a main sewer line can create a significant mess, especially when someone has to dig up your yard to access a clog.

At WaterWork, we limit the mess, cost, and inconvenience by inspecting the line with a long, flexible video camera. The camera lets our professionals pinpoint the problem so we can focus on one area instead of digging up your whole yard.

In many cases, we can even use trenchless technologies to solve the problem. That means we don’t have to dig in your Livonia yard!

Get 24-Hour Sewer Line Repairs From WaterWork

Sewer line problems usually develop over time. You don’t recognize the problem, though, until something catastrophic happens. You may find your front yard soaked in sewage, or you may discover that none of your pipes will drain.

The sooner you have a professional diagnose the issue, the more problems you can avoid. That’s why WaterWork provides 24-7 sewer line repairs in Livonia, Michigan.

We own homes, too, so we understand the panic that people feel when their sewer lines fail. After we hear from you, we’ll rush to your location and get to work.

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WaterWork makes scheduling appointments easy. You can always reach us at 313-221-5437. If you call after our office hours, you’ll get directed to an emergency line.

You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. If you’re having an emergency, though, we recommend calling our number for faster assistance.

Needing main sewer line repair in Livonia, Michigan doesn’t have to ruin your day. With WaterWork Plumbing on your side, you can trust that we’ll fix the problem ASAP.